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Christmas 2009
A very Merry Christmas to all our regular readers and contributors. We will soon be in our tenth year of compiling this web site and all its various pages. Let's hope we will more than double that eventually.

2009 has been an eventful year. Rob and Nigel started the year busier in the recording studio than ever before and the results were clear to see on the Sales and Downloads pages. Feedback on the Lt Pigeon album "Pigeon Legacy" has been magnificent and on a personal note I do hope this album won't be their last.

To our amazement both Stavely Makepeace and Lieutenant Pigeon tracks have featured on national radio this year. This is not bad for bands that started their lives in 1968 and 1971 respectively! Added to this we've had the odd bit of radio and TV exposure with Chris Evans and of course Nige's inclusion on Eggheads. In fact it didn't end there because Nigel was speaking on the radio again on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. If you click on the icon below you will hear him speaking with BBC Radio 5's Nicky Campbell-- albeit nothing to do with music.

   PS I'm happy to say that we have now obtained permission to include a link to the Nov 9th interview.

To round off the year there has been the excellent music exhibition at Coventry's Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. This has attracted a record number of visitors for such an event. Don't miss it, it closes in early January.

Let's hope all this activity and interest in the groups continues into the new year.

A personal Happy Christmas to you all.
Bill Boswell.

Autumn 2009
Well at last BBC2 have broadcast the episode of Eggheads featuring 'our Nige'. It was actually recorded last December and finally got transmitted on September 17th. It can now be admitted that Nigel's team came 2nd!

More broadcast news emanating from the BBC. On August 25th, completely unbeknown to the boys, Lieutenant Pigeon were the subject of Chris Evans' Radio 2 "Drivetime" programme in his Top Tenuous Links feature. So many people 'phoned in apparantly that the following day Chris decided he wanted one of the band 'live' on air. As Rob was tied up at the time, Nige took the interview. At the time of writing this newsletter I am in the throes of obtaining permission off the BBC to put a transcript of the interview on our web site. Watch this space!

More broadcast news. On September 5th Brian Matthew featured the first Stavely Makepeace single, "I wanna love you like a mad dog" on his Sounds of the 60s show.

Plenty of items for this newsletter. Observers of the Downloads and Sales Page will know that several new tracks are now available. We are hoping that some of the tracks from the Pigeon Legacy album will be played on Chris Evans' show as we've managed to win him over as a fan.

Finally, has anyone yet found this video on you tube by Mr E.Trayne? If you have we'd like you to share any information you may have about the track.

   PS I'm happy to say we have now obtained permission to include a link to the Aug 26th interview.

More soon, Bill.

Summer 2009
Don't want to start off on a gloomy note but the nights are now drawing in! (An example of 'half empty' if ever I heard I heard it!) Anyway, on a much brighter note there's a new Lieutenant Pigeon album due out any time now. Keep your eyes on the sales page as the boys have produced a stunning new album called "Pigeon Legacy". Some great new tracks and, as requested by so many of you, they've gone back to the old original Lt Pigeon style for most of the tracks.

Another thing to look forward to is the music exhibition to be held at the Herbert Art Museum in Coventry between October and Christmas. It covers the Coventry music scene for the second half of the 20th century and what's gone on in the first decade of the 21st up to now. Needless to say Rob and Nigel have contributed much of the groups' memorabilia to put on display. It's well worth a trip to the 'Three Spires City' to see this exhibition. Sorry for those of you who live far away from the West Midlands but it is pretty central and there are regular train services from all over the country to Coventry.

Yes, I know. The episode of Eggheads showing Nigel's attempts to outwit the professionals STILL hasn't been shown. First it was due to be screened in March, then this was put back to May, now we understand it might be as late as mid September! (Don't shoot the messenger!)

Speak again soon.

Whitsun 2009
This is a first. The boys have made a spoof video to accompany the Stavely Makepeace rendition of "Hangman Hangman". By clicking on to the link below you can witness first hand this emotional country ballad they have recorded...

Great news. Downloads of the Lieutenant Pigeon and Stavely Makepeace tracks on iTunes have gone much better than expected and for the first time many previously unheard tracks are becoming best sellers. If you haven't yet seen the enormous collection of available tracks ust put a search in on the iTunes site.

We've been amazed at the response to our announcement that Nigel will be appearing as part of a team challenging the Eggheads quizzers on BBC 2. It was originally intended to be broadcast in March but that has now been put back to May. I will let you have the exact date if they give it to me in time.

More soon. Bill.

A very happy new year to you all. Let's hope it is a good one for all of us. It has certainly started off well for the boys. Well over 100 Stavely Makepeace tracks plus some others the boys recorded under different names over the years will be available on iTunes very soon. This comes on the back of a similar deal done for the Lieutenant Pigeon titles last year. Don't worry, this will not affect the downloads on this site and I hope to have over 100 on our own Downloads page before Easter.

Here's something rather novel. Nigel was part of a quiz team challenging BBC2's Eggheads team in December. I'm not allowed to reveal whether or not they won but I can tell you the programme will be screened either in late March or early April. I will certainly put the transmission date on this site if they let me know in time.

Finally on this rather short news update, congratulations to Gwen George who was the first to give us the correct matrix number for Mouldy Old Dough and therefore win the two Lieutenant Pigeon vinyl LPs in the Christmas competition.

More soon. Bill

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