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Autumn 2010
A couple of years ago I may have mentioned it in an earlier newsletter, the boys were invited to present the trophies at the banger racing finals. The origins of this go back to the 1970s when "Mouldy Old Dough" was played at some of these race venues to accompany the events. The song soon spread amongst the banger racing fraternity and incredibly has survived to become the banger racer's nationwide anthem! Sadly Rob and Nigel weren't able to take up the invite two years ago because of the awkward location, Wimbledon.

Happily, this year's finals took place in Hednesford which is far more conveniently placed for Rob and  Nigel. Unfortunately Rob had a prior engagement on the race day, September 26th, but Nige went along. "The weather", he told me, "Could have been warmer but the welcome received more than made up for that". Apparently a great day was had by all and if we can get hold of any photos from the day I'll put them up on our site.

Happy birthday to Don Ker on October 3rd, original guitarist with Stavely Makepeace, who's now just one year from his 70th! Sadly Don hasn't enjoyed the best of health of late so we wish him a speedy return to full strumming. Dust down that guitar Don!

That's it for now folks! Bill B.

Summer 2010
A treat for all of you who have been waiting for Rob and Nigel to release some new songs. Three new CDs will be on our sales page within the next few days...probably sooner! There's a Stavely Makepeace "Double A  side" release, A trilogy from Lieutenant Pigeon and last but not least, a superb offering from Rob as a solo artiste. Keep an eye on the sales page for details.

Also out before long will be a superb book written by Dave Thompson called "The A to Z of Glam" which will feature both Stavely Makepeace and Lieutenant Pigeon. This is one not to miss. Dave was born in England but since 1989 has lived in the USA. He's had several best sellers published worldwide and now has devoted his attention to writing a comprehensive account of the music scene in the early seventies, an era he feels passionate about.

No other news at present but don't forget to keep your interesting e.mails coming in, we always appreciate them.

Good wishes Bill B.

Easter 2010
Due to its popularity the Music Exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry was extended until February. All the memorabilia and paraphernalia loaned to the Museum by the boys has been returned...with interest!  I'll explain. They made a 6ft cutout of Rob playing guitar which has found its way back here. The question is, what to do with it? Any suggestions??
Some of you will be aware of an all female singing trio called Miss Fitz. The father of Marina Berry from the group, is a very old friend of the boys, Colin Berry. This friendship goes back over 40 years. Sadly Miss Fitz won't be representing Britain in this year's Eurovision Song contest, despite reaching the finals a week or two back. However, Marina likes a song Rob and Nigel have written and would very much like the girls to record it when they are next in the studio. Fingers crossed eh! Incidentally, when Marina was 18 she did some demos in our studio with Rob, so she's no stranger to our duo.

Good old Chris Evans! He said he wouldn't forget Lieutenant Pigeon and he's been true to his word. He featured Mouldy Old Dough on his morning show on St Patrick's Day. Good on yer Chris. (Pity it wasn't a different track though Nige said!) Finally for this newsletter, there's a facebook group who's sole intention seems to be to get Mouldy Old Dough back to number one in the charts this Christmas. Anyone interested in perusing their site should go to

Bye for now. Bill

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