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Christmas 2013
A Merry Christmas to you all!
November saw the opening of the new Coventry Music Museum on the top of Ball Hill in the Stoke area of Coventry. It’s the brainchild of local historian and journalist Pete Chambers who is now also the Museum’s curator. BBC Midlands Today sent their cameras along to the opening which included Pete plus some local musicians, including ‘our Nige’. The opening was beamed ‘live’ onto our screens and hopefully the publicity will give a boost to visitor numbers.

Whilst on the subject of the museum, Pete Chambers is organising a series of seminars at the museum with various local artistes and acts which will be open to members of the public. The one featuring Rob and Nige will take place on Saturday 21st December from 1pm. This sounds like an excellent alternative to Christmas shopping! The boys will give a thumbnail sketch of the histories of Stavely Makepeace and Lieutenant Pigeon before throwing open to the floor any questions you might want to ask.

After that it’ll be the annual headlong rush towards all the over indulgences of the Festive period so do try and make it on 21st. Meanwhile, all good wishes for Yuletide and I look forward to speaking to you again early in the new year.

Bill Boswell

Nigel with Neville Staples at the opening of the Music Museum on November 1st

Autumn 2013
Firstly a big thank you to all of those of you who have supported the “Save Coventry City Football Club” campaign by downloading, “Ribbons Everywhere”. Our publicist Ginger Simon, as part of the Sky Blue Trust, asked the boys to record the song to highlight the plight of the club who currently have to play their home games in Northampton. The aim is to get them back in Coventry and the campaign is gathering momentum all the time. We wish them every success with their challenge.

Rob and Nigel stood on stage at the Coventry Music Festival and rallied support for the movement between some of the performing acts. A video of this can be found on you tube and via the Lieutenant Pigeon Facebook page.

No new recordings to report this Autumn but the song for next year’s May Day Earlsdon Festival is nearing completion. It probably won’t be issued as a CD but it will certainly appear as one of our Downloads.

The boys have told me that their project for the coming winter months is to trawl their archives to find any outstanding tracks which have yet to appear on the web site as either CDs or Downloads. Who knows what they’ll find in the “Pigeon Attic” but let’s hope there’s a few gems! Unless the quality of any such future ‘discoveries’ is unsuitable, Rob and Nigel have promised me that they’ll allow all the tracks to become available.

That’s all for now folks. Bill B.

Special News
News becomes history so fast these days so by the time you read this the situation regarding Coventry City Football Club and its home location for season 2013/4 may have been resolved. However, at the time of writing the saga is still ongoing. Lieutenant Pigeon have thrown their hat into the ring to support the 'Keep Sky Blues in the City' campaign by recording their song "Ribbons Everywhere". It's aimed at highlighting the 'tie a sky blue ribbon' fever which is currently sweeping the city. The song can be obtained as a free download directly from our home page.

In other news we hear that the new Stavely Makepeace single "Vanity" is being played in Canada. Fingers crossed!

Bill Boswell

Summer 2013
As promised there is a new Stavely Makepeace single for summer 2013 which will appear very soon on the sales page. It's called "Vanity" and is all about one of the biggest weaknesses we all suffer from! Two other tracks support this new song but we don't want to give too much away.

Also, the sharp eyed Lieutenant Pigeon Facebook watchers amongst you will have noticed that a certain Welshman has been in our studio of late. As with all the master tapes we record our promise is to issue every onel as, (at least), a download. Therefore please don't shoot the messenger! "Bryn the F***ing Welshman" by Keith Myarth will be available on our downloads page-- hopefully by the time you read this.

Lastly, we frequently get enquiries about original Lt Pigeon and Stavely Makepeace bassist Steve Johnson. Yes, Steve is still alive and well and now runs a successful library music company, (providing backing music and theme tunes for TV, films etc.), in Lancashire. We don't see him a great deal these days but he does wish to say hi to all those of you who remember him.
That's all for now folks, more soon.

Bill Boswell

Easter 2013
Many thanks to all of you who have bought “Dear John” either as a CD or by Download. It’s proved to be a very popular track. One of our most successful yet!

The ‘Canine Chorus’ crept back into the studio again recently and the results of their ‘doings’ will hopefully be barking out on the Downloads page by the time this Easter Newsletter is published.

Lastly, I’m reliably informed that the next time the boys go into the studio they will emerge with a serious rock number. Watch this space!!

Happy Easter BB.

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