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Christmas 2014
Having had the builders in recently there’s been no recording done in the recording studio of late, so no news from that side of the business. Instead the boys have been busy doing an inventory of all the tracks as far back as records allow.. Could they find the magic 1,000? It’s going to be close.

Reports have reached us here that the BBC Radio 4 programme, “I’m sorry I haven’t a Clue”, has been using Mouldy Old Dough in its trails. Can anyone throw light on this?

Also the boys have been working in tandem with Andy Lambourn, (aka Charlie Chalk), who, along with other members of the 45cat website team, is trying to compile a comprehensive list of every, (yes EVERY!), 45rpm vinyl single ever released. This is a truly mammoth task and will surely fall into that ‘labour of love’ category. There are links to both the Stavely Makepeace and Lieutenant Pigeon catalogues:- -
plus another covering all the CD releases:-

Whilst on the subject of links, click on to the one below and you’ll hear Nige on the radio. On November 11th BBC Coventry and Warwickshire were covering the year 1972 so they asked Nige for his comments. Despite being in a town centre and talking on his own ancient mobile telephone, the interview is quite presentable.

   Click here to hear the BBC CWR interview Nigel recorded with Vic Minett on November 11th 2014.

More soon, Happy Christmas, Bill Boswell.

Autumn 2014
New for Autumn 2014 is the Webster Levington CD “MAGNIFICO”. All the details can be found on our Sales page. Sadly, as previously announced, this will be our last CD release. The boys have told me that they’ll continue from time to time to release new tracks through the ‘Downloads’ page, but as far as CDs go, this will be the last.

Both Rob and Nigel have devoted the best part of 50 years to the recording of music and now both wish to spend more time pursuing their own family interests, consequently they’ve decided to gradually wind down their participation in the industry.

Do not despair however, they’ve both assured me that there will be one or two more ‘musical surprises’ before they hang their plectrums up for the last time!

Speak soon. Bill Boswell.

Summer 2014
With all the excitement of the world football cup and Wimbledon going on I write the summer newsletter on this gorgeous hot late June day. However, for the ‘non sports lovers’, here’s a musical diversion!

First the good news. Two new CD singles are ready for release. In fact the Lieutenant Pigeon one, “Fish & Chips”, is already on the sales page. The second, “Magnifico”, by new artiste Webster Levington, will be released in the autumn. Now the ‘not so good’ news. These will be our last ever CD releases. The boys have decided that economics have forced them into abandoning CD production. Whilst they made a small profit it was always worthwhile issuing CDs but last year they didn’t even break even so sadly... no more CDs.

This doesn’t mean an end to recording however and the boys have assured me that they will still be making new tracks from time to time. These will have to be issued as ‘downloads’ only though. The sales page will continue to operate for the foreseeable future while we have stocks of previous titles available. Also we will continue selling copies of the autobiography “When Show Business is No Business”—again while stocks last.

Also, you might like to know about “Reverbnation” where you can log on to hear many songs—including lots of ours. These cannot be downloaded for individual’s collections though, just to listen to. I believe this is known as ‘streaming’ although I stand to be corrected!

Bye for now. Bill B.

Easter 2014
For those of you who regularly visit our Downloads page, you’ll have no doubt noticed that a handful of new tracks have recently appeared for sale. Some of these were recordings issued on our own Comet and SMA Record labels back in the 1970s. Memorable performances by The Legendary Lonnie, Jody Kendall and the band Oakie, (fronted by the late great John Astor), who have all made records with us in the past in our studio, are now available again. Also a rare ‘one off’ recording by Trevor East, (of Tiswas fame), who’s recording of , “Always Something There To Remind Me”, was one of the best sellers our small label(s) ever had.

Added to this we have issued the four original recordings Rob Woodward made as Shel Naylor in the early 1960s. These include, “One Fine Day”, which is highly valued by all record collectors due to the fact that Jimmy Page played a superb lead guitar on the record.

Regarding new material, we hope to release a brand new Stavely Makepeace single before Easter called “When”. This will be coupled with the “Norman Bates Overture” and “Keep on Dancing”. Three great new tracks for lovers of the ‘Stavely’ sound. Also we hope to have another Lieutenant Pigeon single ready for the summer.

All for now. Cheers Bill.

New Year 2014
Happy New Year to you all.

The Christmas Stavely Makepeace/Lieutenant Pigeon seminar at Coventry’s Music Museum was a great success and was packed out. Rob and Nigel spoke for about an hour before throwing it open to the floor for questions. Lots of unexpected enquiries were made of the boys but they had an answer for everything, albeit sometimes a little rusty on dates. We forgive them for that however as Chronology was never their strongest point!

The day ended rather surprisingly however with an open debate on today’s music in general and the possible future of music in particular. Some very interesting views were aired.

Try not to miss the Sorrows seminar on Jan 18th at the same time. It promises to be another sell out with old mate of ours Don Fardon fielding some of the questions.

Bye for now, Bill.

PS... Click on this picture below to see some of the seminar.

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