As from November 1st 2016 our Downloads service has temporarily closed.

We hope to reopen it early in 2017 when we activate a new 'on line' retailer. Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.
In the meantime we offer an alternative.

During this interim period, blank label CDs of any tracks required will be sold on a mail order basis.

By sending a cheque for 3.99p, (made out to Makepeace Music), to Makepeace Distribution,
37 Moat Avenue, Green Lane, COVENTRY CV3 6BT you will receive your music on a compact disc.

Please state which tracks you require, (up to a maximum of 5 titles per CD), you will still be able to buy any of the songs currently listed on this page.

Music Available

  SMA1701-1    Indigo & Black Cigarette Lighter The Binj'd Rinkas 0.99  
  SMA1701-2    The Ghost Express The Binj'd Rinkas 0.99  
  SMA1701-3    Big Boat Confidential The Binj'd Rinkas 0.99  
  SMA1601-2    Mouldy Old Dough Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-6    Coconut Shuffle Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-2    Cajun Band Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-3    Baby Blue Eyes Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-4    Time Marches On Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1601-7    Pub With No Beer Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
SMA1601-8    Classical Peace Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-9    Desperate Dan Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-10   I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-11   Rockabilly Hot Pot Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1801-5     Runaround Sue Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-6     Reggae Denny Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-7     We Love the English The Strapping Jocks 0.99  
  SMA1601-12   Here I Am Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-13   L'Arlissiene Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-14   Let There Be Drums Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-15   Perfect Harmony Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1801-8     Greasy Haired Woman Stavely Makepeace 0.32  
  SMA1801-9     Christmas Party Time Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1901-1     Cruel Is A Hard Word Rob Woodward 0.99  
  SMA1901-2     One Day All This Will Be Yours Charles Rob Woodward 0.99  
  SMA1801-10   Bye Bye Miss Bly Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-11   Madonna Would You Marry A Dustman Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1601-16   Gosford St. Rag Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1801-12   Cigar Smoking Woman Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-13   Don't Ride A Paula Pillion Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-14   I No Longer Feel The Pain Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-15   Memphis Beat Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-16   Swiss Maid Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-17   Storm Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-18   Opus 306 Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-19   Speedy Gonzales Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-20   Stepping Out On A Shoe String Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-21   Napoleon Brandy Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-22   Sitting On Top Of The World Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-23   Tarzan Harvey Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-24   Three Steps to Heaven Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-25   You're Talking Out of Your Head Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-26   You've Got What it Takes Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-27   Slippery Rock Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-28   Edna Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-29   Darlin Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1601-17   And The Fun Goes On Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-18   Oxford Bags Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1801-30   I See Red Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-31   Love Makes The World Go Round Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-32   Stand Up And Be Counted Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-33   The Charity Show Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-34   The Drunk From North Carolina Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-35   We Want A House Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-36   It's A Nanny State Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-37   Buy One Get One Free Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1601-19   Know Now I Was Better Off When I Was At School Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-20   Creativity Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-21   Red River Rock Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-22   Bobbing Up and Down Like This Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1801-38   All or Nothing Man Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-39   City by Night Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1701-4    Let the Tall Men Take Over The Men 0.99  
  SMA1901-3    The Last of the Falling Rain Rob Woodward 0.99  
  SMA1801-40   Firefly Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1901-4    Honky Tonk Barrelhouse Piano Rob Woodward 0.99  
  SMA1901-5    The Wrong Side of the Curtain Rob Woodward 0.99  
  SMA1701-5     Vitamin Beefcake The Men 0.99  
  SMA1901-6    The Wine of Yesterday Rob Woodward 0.99  
  SMA1901-7    Tomorrow Rob Woodward 0.99  
  SMA1601-23   The Industrial Shuffle Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1801-41   Drowning in Music Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-42   Gillie's Bar is Empty Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-43   The Sound of Music Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-44   There Ain't No Music Like Rock 'n' Roll Music Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1601-24   You Are My Heart's Delight Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1801-45   It Takes Two To Tango Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1601-25   Love Inflation Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1801-46   Mad Dog (slow version) Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-47   You Are The Real Thing Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1601-26   The Ranger's Waltz Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-27   Nut Rocker Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-28   Lazy Day Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-29   Opus 304 Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-30   Hurdy Gurdy Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-31   Old Comptometer Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1801-48   Hangman Hangman Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-49   Pub Quiz Nights And Piped Music Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1601-32   The Grandfather Clock Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
SMA1601-33   Treasured Memories Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
SMA1801-50   Oughligge Zammakk Gheulikk Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-51   The Pragmatic Waltz Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1801-52   Success is an Idea Away Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1601-34   The Villain Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1801-53   I Want, Do You Want Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
SMA1801-54   Nicky Bye Bye Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1601-35   Happy Easter Holiday Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-36   The Sunshine Song Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-37   The Ghost of Midsomer Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1601-38   Happy Go Lucky Me Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1701-6     Singing Dogs (medley) The Canine Chorus 0.99  
  SMA1601-39    Dear John Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1701-7     Take Five and a Half Dave Brubark & the Canine Chorus 0.99  
  SMA1701-8     The Barmaids at the Baginton Mill Norfolk & Goode 0.99  
  SMA1701-9     Bryn the F***ing Welshman Keith Myarth 0.99  
  SMA1801-55   The Norman Bates Overture Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1601-40   Fish & Chips Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1701-10   Always Something There To Remind Me Trevor East 0.99  
  SMA1901-8    Bogie Rob Woodward 0.99  
  SMA1701-11   Free Rider Class 50 0.99  
  SMA1701-12   Hello Mary Lou Oakie 0.99  
  SMA1901-9    How Deep is the Ocean Shel Naylor 0.99  
  SMA1901-10   It's Gonna Happen Soon Shel Naylor 0.99  
  SMA1901-11   La Bamba Shel Naylor 0.99  
  SMA1701-13   No Man's Gonna Tie Down Jody Jody Kendall 0.99  
  SMA1901-12   One Fine Day Shel Naylor 0.99  
  SMA1701-14   Stage Door Jody Kendall 0.99  
  SMA1701-15   Wine Glass Blues The Legendary Lonnie 0.99  
  SMA1801-56   You Got What It Takes Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
  SMA1701-16   Come On England Dexter Nelmes and the Kickers 0.99  
SMA1601-41   It's Our Turn Now Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
  SMA1701-17   The Elephant Waltz The Binj'd Rinkas 0.99  
  SMA1601-42   The King Street Skiffle Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
SMA1701-18   Rose of England George Cross 0.99  
  SMA1801-57   Chance of a Lifeline Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
SMA1601-43   Old King Cole Lieutenant Pigeon 0.99  
SMA1801-58   Cecelia Stavely Makepeace 0.99  
SMA1901-13   Mr Worthington Rob Woodward 0.99