Needwood School

This was a residential school for 'Partially Deaf Children' based at Rangemore Hall near Burton-Upon-Trent in Staffordshire. Rangemore Hall was bought by Staffordshire County Council in 1949 from Baroness Burton, daughter of Bass Brewery owner who inherited Rangemore Hall and the title after the death of her father, Lord Burton, in 1909.  Needwood School opened its doors in January 1954 to the first intake of children who came from all parts of the UK. When the school finally closed in September 1985 600 children and countless members of staff had passed through its doors. 


This section is devoted to that brief period of time in the history of Rangemore Hall from 1954 to 1985 and the people who have kept in touch through reunions and events. This section contains the following pages (click on relevant page to enter):-


Rangemore Hall

Once the home of Lord Burton, brewery owner, MP and personal friend of King Edward VII who often paid visits and stayed as guest.  Located on the southern edge of Needwood Forest near Burton Upon Trent in Staffordshire rural countryside, an area of outstanding beauty and steeped in history.  In 1907, King Edward and other guests of Lord Burton posed for a group photograph outside the front door at Rangemore Hall. A who's who page with links to their biographical pages on each person in the group (subject to availability) has been added to this section.  There's also a section devoted to history of landscape gardens and the people who created the beautiful gardens at Rangemore Hall.  There are many other subject matter that are too numerous to list here.  Pages will be added to this section from time to time as more research has been done on the various subjects.  A gallery of Historical photographs taken during the nineteenth and early twentieth century will be on display here. 



If anyone connected with Needwood School or Rangemore Hall (past or present) would like to share their memories in words or pictures please contact Bill -