Needwood School


On January 27th 1954, Rangemore Hall opened its doors as 'Needwood School for Partially Deaf Children' to the first intake of 46 children most of whom were transferred from other deaf schools. This was a residential school, children came from all parts of the UK (and some from over seas) with an average of 120 students staying at any one time. By the 1980s due to advances in hearing aid technology, parental pressure (to have their children at home) and changes in political climate, local councils were force to open 'hearing units' in main stream schools. As a result there were reductions in the number of children going into boarding schools for the deaf throughout the UK and by the end of the '80s only a handful remained open, Needwood School closed its doors in June 1985 with 26 residential students remaining.  List of student intakes from 1954 to 1985


This page will have brief history of the school, it's purpose and aims within the educational system. A brief history of the Ewins because of the "Ewin Room" named after them. Stories told by ex-pupils and members of staff also what happened to them after leaving school and when the school closed down in 1985.


Photo Gallery of photographs taken during that brief period as Needwood School includes sports and other events will be included and possibly with some explanation.


Needwoodian Party, Wheelwright's Restaurant, Burton. March 2003