The Needwoodian Party

  These were the partygoers of the Needwoodian Elder's party at the Wheelwrights Restaurant in the Bass Museum on the evening of March 8th 2003:-  

Susan Adams

Duncan Anderson

John Ashmore

Edwin Barlow

Jim Brown

Bill Boswell

Patricia Bowler

John Buchanan

Alan Busby

Margaret Chapel

Jacquie Cook

Pamela Drury

Marilyn Dublanskij

Michael Emery

Peter Fowler

Andrew Furness

Marie George

Jean Goulding

David Goyns

Blanch Graham

Helen Graham

Victor Grimsley

Pat Guy

Bob Habberley

Carol Hardy

Clive Haskins

Colin Heath

John Heath

Olive Henry

Evelyn Herbert

David Hobbs

Colin Hunt

Ivan Jackson

Hilda James

Michael Jedras

Carole Jones

Ron Knight

Richard Langton

John Lewis

Pam Lightfoot

Wendy Moore

Kay Norman

Andrew Pickering

Ken Powers

Joan Randle

David Robinson

Valerie Roland

Hilary Rundell

Diane Southall

Brian Smith

Eileen Talton

Paul Tidmarsh

Olwen Thomas

Peter Wallace

Lesley Wagstaffe

Susan Walton

Eric Williams

Margaret Wood

Ceclia Foster and Peter Sadler were taken ill at the last minute.

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